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Status Reporting

With two years of the Status Report achieved this will continue to be an annual process.  With 32 boroughs responding to the 2017 reporting round we have been able to build a very good knowledge base for London’s assets, and will continue to do so.


We have appointed Metis Consultants to continue their support of the project and they will soon be in touch to arrange the borough visits during January.  The aim will then be to issue in early February for returns by the end of the month.  This will allow time to provide an initial report back to the LoTAG Conference in March and a final report in April.


We will be making sure that your time is put to best use.  We will not be asking you to complete a blank report.  We will be looking for you to check data and update.  We hope the Status Reporting will become the single source of reporting to LoTAG for the boroughs to make best use of your time and to help us all help ourselves to improve our services and share knowledge.

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