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New Benchmarking

Benchmarking is being revamped.  The previous benchmarking project, led by LoTAMB, gathered useful information and had reached a natural conclusion.  It is now an opportune time for a review and revamp.  Going forward we will be using the Status Report to gather data and inform benchmarking measures to help London identify improvement areas and to help individual boroughs assess there approach against the identified asset based measures.


By adopting measure closely allied to the assets we can ensure the LoTAG sub-groups have ownership of the measures and can work with boroughs to improve, or learn from each other.

An important change to the reporting rules is to make them less onerous - which means allowing some local flexibility in interpretations.  Whilst this may create some differences in methodology we feel it will provide a fuller reposes and a better understanding of how boroughs are delivering services.  


It is the intention, over time, to have this information accessible via the website.  This will take time but in the mean time annual reporting will be delivered to the boroughs.  We need your input to make this powerful and support the work LoTAG is doing to help boroughs help each other.

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