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Code of Practice Guidance

With the implementation phase of Well-Managed Highway Infrastructure: A Code of Practice (2016) well underway, LoTAG has developed guidance documents to help boroughs navigate some of the tricky aspects of the Code.  The documents can be found on the links below.  

Hierarchy Guidance helps understand how to devleop the management hierarchy and how to take on board the functionality factors the Code identifies.  The Safety Inspection Guidance outlines how to deal with a risk based approach.  Additionally, through the Status Reporting we have been able to provide a further addendum that shot what boroughs are doing on investigatory levels, inspection frequencies and response times.  

Consultation on these guidance through November has highlighted some changes that will be been taken on board, most notably the inclusion of guide inspection frequencies.  The guidance documents were issued before Christmas and the approach and principles are sound.  However, as we gather more information through the latest round of Status Reports we may make some minor updates by April, we'll be sure to let you know if we do.  

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