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Temporary Cycle Lanes in LBHF

Streets across Hammersmith & Fulham are being temporarily adapted to make social distancing easier, walking and cycling safer, and support businesses during the COVID-19 crisis and predicted recession.

Pavements are being widened, and new segregated cycling lanes are being installed on key routes across Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush and White City to make it safer for those travelling to work by bike.

In Hammersmith the new segregated cycle lane run from Olympia along Hammersmith Road to the Hammersmith Gyratory and then from King Street to the borough boundary with Hounslow. In June 2020 new cycle lanes will be installed in Shepherds Bush along Uxbridge Road from the junction with Bloemfontein Road to the Holland Park Roundabout, including Wood Lane from A40 Westway to Uxbridge Road. It has been logistically challenging to source over 7 kilometres of water filled barriers in a very short space of time, but we have managed to achieve this for our residents. The water filled barriers will be replaced with a more semi-permanent solution as the cones and signage is manufactured for our term contractor to install.

Cllr Wesley Harcourt, H&F Cabinet Member for the Environment. said “With fewer cars on the road, this is the opportunity to support businesses and keep commuters safe by improving our public spaces for pedestrians and cyclists,”

The risk is that as some people return to work, they will understandably keep away from public transport leaving us with more cars, more congestion, and more pollution. The new temporary segregated cycle lanes to help commuters, businesses and families during the lockdown, have opened in Hammersmith as part of these plans to adapt public spaces in the borough.

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